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About Jamee!

I am a married thirty-four year old mother of three wonderful children, Tyler, Ryan, and Kaylee.  Tyler is fifteen years old, Ryan is eight years old, and Kaylee is six years old.

I started this business to provide quality and reliable care for my children and also to provide that same level of care to others that aren't able to stay home with their own children.  I am a loving, caring mother, and have been for over ten years.  I have been running my business since August of 2007, and I enjoy every day with my little angels.

Licenses and Certifications / Classes

  • Licensed with the State of Kansas.
  • Licensed with the City of Shawnee.
  • Certified in CPR.
  • Certified in First Aid.
  • Knack for Great Snacks Class
  • Launching Your childcare Home

My philosophy for Child Care....

I will strive to provide a safe, comfortable, stimulating, fun, educational environment in my home with a semi-structured day plan. Activities will include free playtime, structured playtime, large motor skill playtime, small motor skills activities, story time and theater activities, arts and crafts, music and dance activities, nutrition, cultural activities, and other educational yet fun activities. I will also provide nutritious meals and snacks, and encourage good personal hygiene skills and manners.

The television will rarely be on during regular care hours, and then only to watch educational programs or activities which I have personally pre-screened to be appropriate for even the youngest viewers. A computer will be available for all ages to use, but only under supervision. School-aged children may have Internet access, upon parental request, but again only while supervised.

Through a mixture of guided and undirected creative play, children in my care will have the opportunity to learn about color, shapes, textures, numbers, letters, animals, seasons, feelings, senses, nutrition, personal hygiene, manners, basic science and math concepts, and creative concepts such as "pretend" play, art, music, drama, and dance. These may sound like lofty goals for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, but most children learn all of these things and more through creative educational play. I do not believe in pushing any child to learn at an accelerated rate, and will not make a child feel pressured to achieve developmental milestones. By providing the right kind of fun safe environment, I believe the children will learn at their own appropriate pace.



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