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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find information on questions that are asked of me on a regular basis.  Some may link to pages with information, others will contain the answers here.

Q: How many children do you watch at one time?
A: I am licensed with the State of Kansas and the City of Shawnee for 10 kids.  My normal number of kids at one time is around six.

Q: Do you do activities with the children?
A: Yes, during the school year we do age appropriate activities and during the summer months we play games as well as other fun activities.

Q: What is the food program?
A: The food program is a state aid program that helps out providers with reimbursement and provides healthy guidelines for your children during breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Q: Do you run the daycare by yourself?
A: Yes, I am the only provider at my daycare, and that's the reason that I try to keep my numbers small so that I can give each child in my care the attention they deserve.