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Services / Rates

My services will be available Monday through Friday from 7:00am through 5:30pm. Please discuss needs for care outside these times and I will attempt to accommodate reasonable requests at a possible additional fee. (Although I will do my very best to be available every business day, it is conceivable that I may be forced to close occasionally due to vacation, illness, or other emergency.) If you cannot ever tolerate rare, but possible lapses in care, you should consider placing your child in a daycare center, or make other arrangements for backup coverage.

Tuition is due on the Friday for the next week's care.

Tuition rates are according to the following categories and the number of hours of care provided per week:


$170 per week

$ 45 per day

 Toddler 18 month to 3 years old

$160 per week

$ 40 per day

 4 years old to Kindergarten

$150 per week

$ 35 per day

 Kindergarten (1/2 day)*

$130 per week

$ 30 per day

 Before & After school care (ages 5 and up)*

$ 90 per week

$ 25 per day

 Summer Care/Spring Break/Winter Break for School Age 

$140 per week

$ 35 per day

 *$15  per day add'l for extra days when school is not in session, not to exceed a weekly maximum of $75 for children that attend the daycare regularly.

Your child's tuition will include a broad range of age-appropriate intellectual activities and developmentally appropriate physical activities, as well as creative-arts and cultural projects.

Cash, checks and money orders will be accepted when drawn on a local bank. In the unlikely event of a returned check, I will require a $35 service charge in addition to the payment of any additional bank charges I may incur as a result of the inconvenience.

In order to provide my own family with a stable financial situation, I cannot offer any discounts for days your child is not in my care, such as when you are on vacation, or when your child is ill.

At the end of each year, I will provide you with a proper tax form showing the full amount of all charges for that calendar year.